The Door of the Imagination

Fantasy in literature opens the door to our childish imagination, unrestrained and unbridled. When we were children the entire world was something we imagined. Before we had actual experiences with things we heard people talk about, we imagined what they might be like and everything sparkled with novelty and anticipation through the lens of our imagination. We craved new experiences and unless we were very mistreated very early we imagined our experiences to be enjoyable ones. So it is that top fantasy novels unlock the door to the experience of being a child again.

Any fantasy novel will get you partially through the door but writers at the top of their form will get you all the way through. Ordinary life is certainly repetitious and can easily become humdrum, and fantasy gives us a much needed vacation. But what happens when too many fantasies flood the market from top to bottom, all being compared by their publishers to The Lord of the Rings? Fortunately there will always be new ground to break as long as humans retain the imaginative streak that makes our species unique. At the present time movie technology has developed the capability to manifest on screen anything a writer can envision, but even though literature has only the printed page with maybe a few illustrations it can still compete with the movies because of the movie screen of each person’s imagination.

In The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality you can see a new breakthrough in the fantasy genre where fantasy and reality are quick to trade places, where it’s difficult know which is which. If you are getting tired of elves and dwarfs and trolls don’t worry; there aren’t any. Instead the novel turns the real into the fantastic, the impossible into the truth, (and the truth into a laugh at ourselves) in this top fantasy novel.