“The mark of a modern classic is a story line handled with such originality that it cannot be imitated. Like Lord of the Fliesor The Last Unicorn, The Kingdom on the Edge of Realityis in a class by itself; it is one of a kind.”

“I would highly recommend this tale to anyone looking for a story of unbridled imagination, sensuous romance, and unusual adventure. If you like King Arthur-like stories, mount your horse and follow Jack Darcey through his life-threatening quests in the kingdom of King Albert where betrayals, sexual trysts, and battles seem inevitable. Read Gahan Hanmer's imaginative story. It will not disappoint!”

“I’ve never read anything quite like The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality.”

“I loved this one. It’s a unique, imaginative story, with great characters, good and bad. There’s romance and adventure, betrayals, sexual trysts and violence. It’s a magical story, but without any actual magic. It’s also about people, and what we makes us human.”

“What’s an actor doing in a medieval kingdom? That’s just the tip of the iceberg in this wonderful book where present and past come together in quite a charming way! . . . This is a story that is full of imagination and adventure, sprinkled with romance and danger…an incredibly fun read!”

"This is a great adult fantasy novel, which is almost like time travel without the need for a time machine. I would recommend this to both fantasy, and historical fiction lovers.”

"I love the twist on an old fantasy story. To have a modern-day kingdom that is ruled and run as the original kingdoms of old is ingenious. This is a captivating fantasy story that I would recommend to all fantasy lovers."

The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality is an engrossing, quick read that blends politics, action, romance, a hint of religion, with some psychological insight into modern life. It's a serious book but not heavy, an enjoyable afternoon's read.”

“I do try to not reference other authors when I do a review…but in this case, I have to say that this book pleasantly reminds me of Charles De Lint’s work. Not in that it uses old legends in new ways, because it doesn’t reference myths in that manner. It creates its own, and the atmosphere of the work has that dreamlike quality to it. And yet it’s just reasonable enough, honest enough about the painful edges in life to feel plausible . . . All in all, I enjoyed my trip to the edge of reality, and I hope you take the time to visit as well.”

"Gahan has created a book like one that I have never read. Wonderful concept and fully played out. Bravo! The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality swept me away."

"I think that Gahan Hanmer has a wonderfully creative mind when it comes to character and storytelling. . . . Great storytelling, wonderful characters, and even better writing makes this a book that I'd definitely recommend! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!"

"The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality is a captivating step back into the medieval world. . . . Full of intrigue, sword fights, humor, and showcasing the strength of many against the one, this novel is a great read for fantasy lovers."

"The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality is light and easy fantasy suitable for adults. The concept is fresh and new: Leaving the modern world behind to live in an isolated area of Canada, reverting back to the medieval way of life. . . . This novel was action-packed but not over the top. There was humor, sometimes at the expense of Jack, he is after all the newest member of the kingdom and not entirely privy to the way of life. . . . If you enjoy the medieval time period and fantasy fiction then this book will be right up your alley."

"The Kingdom on the Edge of Reality by Gahan Hanmer offers a modern day medieval tale with a message of survival and hope. Hanmer takes us on an imaginative journey filled with romance, violence, and deception. I found the tale to be enchanting as it delivered a message about technology and its impact on human relationships . . . fascinating and at times dark. I recommend it to fans of historical fiction and fantasy."