- Chapter 1 -

“Of course there is nothing illegal about what you did,” said the sheriff, “keepin’ in mind that it could’ve got you killed.”

“I’m sorry about what happened, Sheriff. I lost my temper.” And I was sorry to be making trouble for myself in the state I was in. More...

- Chapter 2 -

When I came to, I had no idea where I was. There was a pillow under my head, and I was tucked up in a soft blanket. There was a soothing, vibrating sensation but no noise. Very faintly I could hear a clock ticking. Otherwise it was silent.

My jaw ached. There was something I wanted to remember that seemed vaguely important, but I was quite comfortable and a little groggy. I just wanted to sleep a little longer. More...

- Chapter 3 -

In the afternoon on the nineteenth of that month, the transport helicopter set down in a field between two mountains, and we unloaded the horses and baggage.

It had been a long, noisy flight; it seemed like hours since we had seen so much as the smoke from a lonesome cabin. I had no idea how many hundreds of miles of wilderness had passed below us. More...